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'Joy of Dry' Wood Shed

Keeps a full cord of wood high, dry, and close by!



Not Available At This Time

6x10 Gable Storage Wood Shed

6x6ft. of secure storage, plus holds over one cord of wood (openings on both sides). 



Not Available At This Time

8x16 Gable Storage Wood Shed

Trash cans, recycling, firewood, tools, lawnmower... this beauty fits it all in one convenient spot! Shed is 8x10 with an attached 6x8 porch. 



Carriage-Style, with Storage

Keeps your wood dry and tidy, with storage room to boot!

From: $2415


Carriage-Style Wood Shed

What a difference dry wood makes! This durable, native wood shed will make a nice complement to any homestead.

From: $1645


Arched Entry Wood Shed

The elliptical archway adds a touch of refinement to this handy wood shed!

From: $2525

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